Terms and Conditions

  1. Units where the repair is not covered by the product warrantee, as specified in the Thermomix sale terms and conditions, will be charged an assessment fee of R500.00, including VAT. This amount will be in excess of any repair costs incurred after the assessment is complete.

  2. Quotations not answered within 30 days will automatically be considered rejected; the customer will be liable for technicians assessment fee and courier charges. In case of non payment after 30 days of invoice, units will be sold to defray storage costs.

  3. All repairs not paid within 30 days of completion will be sold to defray our costs. The 30 days will commence from the invoice date, sent to inform that the repair has been completed.

  4. No Thermomix units will be released without payment made in full.

  5. All Thermomix units delivered for repairs are done so at the customer’s risk. We will not be held liable for any damage caused as a result of any third parties, including but not limited to couriers, theft, fire damage, water damage, etc.

  6. Technician assessment takes 10 working days, and once quote has been accepted, allow 5 working days for repair to be completed.

  7. You agree to the terms and conditions as set out herein by completing the online repair form and sending your Thermomix for repair. Payment of the repair invoices shall also be deemed sufficient acknowledgment of the acceptance of these terms.